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Annual Report 2023 - A thriving community of diverse Fijian women

To build a thriving community of diverse Fijian women, intentionally rooted in love and unity is at the heart of the mission of Marama Alliance UK.

MAUK measures its success by the diversity of Fijian women who join us in our adventures and the depth in which we engage them. 2023 has been a year of building on the foundations of the last 4 years.

We started 2023 with a change in the structure of MAUK, and added a Board of Trustees who support the Operational Committee by focusing on compliance with our strategy with policies. In so doing we also designated two Co-Leads in keeping with a shared leadership model that moves away from more patriarchal structures.

The Operational Committee continues to move from strength to strength in one of the busiest years in the history of the Alliance.

2023 Highlights

In the first quarter, the Committee focussed on the theme of Professional Development under the guidance of Luisa Matatolu who carried out the Solesolevaki Series which supported women in the development of Personal Statements, CVs, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles as part of the Solesolevaki series.

The second quarter of the year was particularly special for us as it ushered in key events:

  • MAUK was awarded the Social Media Influencer of the year, for the Celebrating Forces Families Awards. This is the first award that MAUK has received in recognition for the work that we do in supporting people within the military community in the UK. We acknowledge the skill and commitment of MAUK’s social media manager, Kiara Valentine.

  • The month of May saw us welcome three new Committee members, Audrey Hicks, Sereana Naulivou and Tamara Aisake.

  • In June, we launched our fundraising appeal as a buildup to our birthday celebrations.

In the third quarter of each year, we normally take the time to celebrate MAUK reaching another year. As a group run by volunteers, we acknowledge that longevity and consistency can prove difficult for any group, we are deliberate in celebrating each annual milestone and every success.

  • MAUK’s 4th birthday was celebrated with 4 hikes, Fijian women from across the UK took part in 4 separate hikes tackling peaks like Ben Nevis in Scotland, Slieve Donard in Northern Ireland, Round Howe Nature Trail in England and Snowden, in Wales.

  • We also launched a rebrand of the MAUK logo and graphics as part of our birthday celebrations this year.

  • In August, we were happy to support the Fiji Support Network and the annual Bula Festival in Aldershot. MAUK took part by working with children in activities around Language and Culture.

  • As part of the Bula Festival, MAUK was also key in supporting the inaugural Kaiviti Mass Choir who performed at the festival.

The final quarter of the year saw a few activities before MAUK closed shop for the year.

  • Thanks to the valuable skills and insight of ladies in the area, Fijian Language week this year was another fruitful one where the children in Leuchars were supported with a Fijian language class.

  • Fijian language week was also accompanied by a social media campaign with the sharing of resources by the trusted duo, Luisa and Kiara.

  • Meke UK was delivered at a smaller scale this year with the help of Audrey Hicks and the Fijian families in the 5th Battalion the Rifles, in Bulford. We thank the Tesco Community Grants for their support on this project.

  • The second Women Arise and Pray conference was held at the Hayes Christian Conference Centre from the 1st – 3rd December in yet another power packed programme that was put together by Sereima Tawake and team.

  • We received further financial support from the National Lottery Fund for MAUK’s activities in 2024.

MAUK Finance

MAUKs work is made possible by funding we are granted to carry out community base work, donations from the community and our costume hire and merchandise sales. This year we received two grants totalling £10,500. This was supplemented by our Meke Costume Hire which we started in the 3rd quarter this year and our merchandise sales at the Bula Festival.

We are committed to transparency and accountability, and we report on the impact of the funding back to the donors at the completion of each project. The graph above shows the total breakdown of revenue received by MAUK. This shows the two grants received which totals 52.5% of our revenue and Conference payments of 41.5% made by attendees for the Women Arise & Pray Conference. The Conference was self funded and the majority of the grant received in 2023 has been ring fenced for 2024.

Your donations and support in 2023 helped us carry out our projects and we aim to remain accountable to you as we grow in the coming years.

Looking forward to 2024

MAUK would not be what it is without work and dedication of its Operational Committee, Board and the support of their families. We are excited for what 2024 will bring in terms of the community work we carry out and the impact it brings to the women we engage with. 

Together with your support, MAUK will continue to work towards supporting and advocating for Fijian Women in the UK and we hope to meet you in any one of the projects we have planned, whether virtually or in person. 

We take this time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2024. Thank you for supporting The Alliance.


Filomena Tuivanualevu & Sainimili Rockett


MAUK Board of Trustees

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