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Empowering Tomorrow: Young Voices Celebrate International Women's Day

A reflection written by Lauryn Smith

Name: Lauryn Smith

Age: 12

Year: 7

School: Winton Academy Community School

Lauryn lives in Andover with her parents, John and Moira Smith.

Name 3 women that you admire

I admire my grandmother (Nau) my mum and my Nana Levu (mums older sister)

I admire my Nau, Ana Kubuabola Raivoce, she is my mum's mother. I also admire my mum, Moira Smith and my Nana Levu, Kesaia Underwood, she is my mum’s older sister.

Discuss the qualities that you admire about them

I admire my Nau because she is my inspiration. I love her to bits and miss her everyday because she lives in Fiji. But every evening or morning I FaceTime her and talk to her about her day, my sleep or her sleep and her day. She is always there for me and always sticks up for me if my mum doesn’t want to pick me up from school or doesn’t want to order takeaway.

I admire my mum - I love my mum a lot, she is always there to talk to me and give her support, she gives me good advice and guidance in stuff that I want or need. She watches Hauls with me on YouTube when we get bored and we also go on walks together in the evening. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even be here right now. So, thanks a lot to her.

I also admire my Nana Levu - I love nana so much, she is one of my key inspirations, she is always truthful and very loving. She has always been there for me since I was still in the womb but even when I was born she treated me like her own child. She is one of the coolest, funniest, most relatable people that I have ever met and I can’t thank her enough. She always makes fun of my cousin Zack with me and doesn’t care if it makes him feel bad as a joke.

Why do you think it’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

It’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day to remember those who have/ or are doing a lot to make a better and brighter future for girls all around the world like me or different to me.

What is your hope for girls around the world?

My hope is that one day girls don’t have to second-guess what they want to wear or spend hours trying to get that right shade of concealer because being you is so easy and it doesn’t cost a penny. Why change yourself when there are people who can’t even see you or are too disabled to pay attention. There are people who would die to even have real hair on their heads but then there are others who spend hours trying to bleach their hair the right tone or colour. My hope is that one day girls will feel safe and comfortable in the things they do, say, eat, wear and most of all think.

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