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What We Do

It is our mission to intentionally address issues faces Fijian women in the UK through a number of various key focus areas. By working in these key focus areas, we hope to contribute to a thriving community of diverse Fijian women, intentionally rooted in love and unity. 


We seek to support diverse Fijian women within the UK by encouraging and providing them with information and resources to meet, work together and build stronger communities of support. We know from our personal experiences how difficult it is to make the first move when moving to a new place, let alone country.  


By building good working relationships with established organisations and groups within the UK, part of our wok focuses on providing our community with improved access to information and services that will positively assist them in their integration into life in the UK. 


As a diaspora, living far away from our island home makes it difficult to sometimes access resources that were once at our fingertips. With all of the community in mind, especially young families, we seek to promote the conservation of the Fijian language and culture through workshops, online resources and signposting. 

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"Thank you for introducing and sharing this project with us all, not just for our sake but for the sake of our children. I hope there will be more opportunities /projects like this in future to keep our culture alive"
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