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The Choice - A true story of hope by Edith Eger

Updated: May 17, 2020

I have read quite a few memoirs by survivors of the Holocaust. The Book Thief and The Tattooist are among them.

This book brought back memories of my time in Germany, particularly our visits to Bergen Belsen. The author Edith describes that moment of returning to Auschwitz after nearly 40 years, exactly how I would describe it - one cannot hear or see a single bird...’the sky is bare of their wings, the silence deeper because of the absence of their song’. It’s almost like the birds know what happened there a long time ago!

Her story makes you feel profound sadness yet brings you so much hope. I was awe-inspired by her journey as a prisoner of war during the Holocaust, rebuilt her life and followed her dreams despite the unimaginable losses and her interrupted life, and found the courage to release the hurt and pain from her past, helped others heal and overcome their own personal tragedies as a psychologist and writes a book about the gift and power of forgiveness to touch our lives and offer hope.

It’s emotionally charged, there are some moments that bring tears! The story is a light touch, easy to read, and immerse yourself in. There is no denying that some lessons or insight she imparts are invaluable today - ‘the more choices you have the less you will feel like a victim’.

Edith is such a remarkable woman, and I’m grateful for her wisdom and courage. Truly humbling. Highly recommend. It’s a story for humankind, hence a 5 🌟.

Book Review by Leonora Sinclair.

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