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MAUK Mentoring Programme

MAUK is a network formed to assist Fijians integrate into the UK, it will do this by facilitating avenues for women to build capacity to be agents of change in their communities. The programme of work that are proposed and implemented are aligned to MAUK’s purpose.


The MAUK Mentoring Programme is an initiative about building capacity through knowledge sharing and empowering activities. MAUK recognise that the Fijian community in the UK is growing and there is a wealth of knowledge and experiences present, that remains an untapped resource. The MAUK Mentoring Programme will harness the wealth of knowledge in our community for the benefit of our wider community.


The Mentoring Programme started on 14 September. Initially, the plan was to pilot the programme in the SW region however, its been extended to Scotland and the Midlands. We received more volunteer mentors than mentees which was expected. The current mentoring cohort consists of a manageable group of mentors and mentees who have been individually interviewed, suitably matched up and prepared for their mentoring journey.

Key Highlights:

1. Confidentiality – Building trust and respect early on plays a big part in protecting that shared space between mentor and mentee. The candidates were fully aware of what confidentiality entails and the challenges it poses in a close-knit Fijian community.

2. Autonomy – This is where the empowerment element lies. Both mentor and mentee manage their mentoring relationship between themselves, mutually agree upon schedule, goals and pace. 

3. Diversity & Inclusivity – The mentoring programme is not limited to just women but also to young people (male and female). Our diverse range of mentors, working in HR, government and private sector professions. Support ranges from career development, high school leavers’, start-ups, military to civilian transition.

Way Forward

Over the coming months, we will feature our mentors in this blog, to share their breadth of experience and motivational tips/advice.We will also feature success stories and invaluable lessons learned from both our mentors and mentees.Please keep us at the forefront of any mentoring support you are aware of or that could benefit someone you know.

Inspirational quotes from our current mentoring group:

‘Having an advocate to bounce ideas off and push you to the next level is such an undervalued resource especially within our community.’

‘My mentor can inspire me further and help me narrow my focus and maximise my potential.’

Fortune favours the brave!

Vinaka vaka levu

Leonora Sinclair

MAUK Mentoring Programme Lead

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