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The Official Launch of MAUK

On behalf of MAUK Committee, we’d like to thank everyone who attended the inaugural launch. For the benefit of the wider community, we share the key messages from that day, below.

Following the meeting held on 6 April 2019, organised by CFB, in London - there was a strong desire for change and a women’s network would affect change. After a few months of setting up the committee and establishing its vision and goals, MARAMA ALLIANCE UK was formed.

MAUK officially launched on Saturday 13 July 2019, in Larkhill, Wiltshire. The theme was Resilience and Self-care. We had 40 women in attendance.

There were 4 sessions. The first session was about the Marama Alliance UK network, highlighting the following:

  • We recognise women as a strong link in their home and community and an untapped resource. By empowering Fijian women, we are building capacity for a resilient and effective Fijian community in the UK.

  • We want to work collaboratively with other stakeholders. We know there is value in working together, we don’t claim to hold all the expertise and resources.

  • Our programme of work will support our vision, to empower women to become agents of change for a thriving integrated community. We will raise awareness around culture and identity for our young people.

The 2nd session called the Spoken Word was interactive and encouraged women to be mindful of the words they speak by developing a habit of daily affirmations. To build personal resilience and promote a growth mindset in our children.

The 3rd session on Resilience and Self-care highlighted how important it is to protect your own well being and happiness. The skit was a playful but thought provoking, so well executed.

The grand finale was the Talanoa session. We selected 5 women from the Fijian community, with diverse and interesting backgrounds to be panel members. Their personal stories demonstrated self sacrifice and resilience, resonating deeply with the audience.

Emerging themes from discussions were centred around celebrating success, leaning into opportunities for personal development, embracing our individuality and knowing our self worth. But more importantly to give back to our communities by supporting new wives joining their spouses in the military and our rising young stars (youths)!

The feedback received has been overwhelmingly kind and encouraging. Your support will help us to be at the forefront of raising the profile of Fijian women (including young women) in the UK.

The Launch has set the MAUK Network on a firm footing.

Vinaka vaka levu, MAUK Committee.

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