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Updated: May 1

We are looking for Fijian women to join our board of Trustees.

About the Alliance:

Marama Alliance UK was formed on July 13th 2019 out of a need to connect and mobilise Fijian women. Our mission is, To intentionally address issues affecting diverse Fijian women in the UK by:

· Mobilising the participation of Fijian women in all spheres and influence

· Advocating for improved access to information and services that facilitate integration to life in the UK

· Promoting the conservation of the Fijian language and culture through appropriate enabling actions

The role of a Trustee:

As a Trustee of the Alliance, you will work with other board members, the Committee and Working Groups to shape our vision and mission, track our progress on achieving our goals while ensuring that we comply with any legal and regulatory requirements.

You will also be our sounding board and critical sista, bringing your skills and experience into conversations to help us strengthen our programmes and organisation.

Remuneration: Voluntary.

Time Commitment: 4 online board meetings a year, usually held in the evening.

In addition, Trustees will be occasionally invited to attend public or private events in support of the organisation.

What we’re looking for:

3 Fijian women living in the UK. Previous trusteeship experience is not essential however demonstrating good interest and commitment to the work of Marama Alliance UK through your letter of interest will be. It would be great (not essential) if you also had some experience in one of the following areas:

  • Legal

  • Community work

  • Human resources

  • Event management

  • Finance

  • Volunteer management

  • Fundraising

  • Cultural events

To apply:

Send a Letter of Interest with no more than 500 words stating your applicability for the role to contact@maramaalliance.com no later than 5pm, Tuesday 10th May

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