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Our Shared Shelf Book Club

Introducing the MAUK & Auvou Collaboration - Our Shared Shelf Bookclub‼️

A huge welcome to Miriama Suraki whose vision for Our Shared Shelf Book Club is powerful and timeless:

 “Our Shared Shelf Book Club is about connecting. It’s about finding a relationship with others through the shared love of books and stories. And it is about understanding the moral codes that binds us and how it is shaped so. . . The  ultimate aim is that with our shared perspectives on each book, we will help identify the authentic voice within us and this will translate itself to personal development on the out. So each book has been chosen with this in mind and we invite you to share with us in this journey and help make it a fun, interactive and a positively empowering activity. I cant wait to meet you all and get reading!”

We will share a list of proposed books on our Instagram page and we will read one per month, followed by individual reviews posted on the MAUK website and Miriama’s blog.

Join the Book Club, read with us, provide your own review or simply share a comment or reflection. Let’s endeavour to keep reading at the forefront of what we want to achieve in 2020 and beyond.

Our Shared Shelf Book Club: Text
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