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Meke UK

Join us to participate at The Bula Festival UK through traditional Fijian dance.

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What is Meke UK?

Meke UK is an event for Fijians in the UK, allowing them the opportunity to participate in the form of dance (meke) or chants at The Bula Festival UK. Participation is FREE for any Fijian willing to get involved.

Meke UK will engage 100 performers, 50 males and 50 females who will take part in the main performance every year. In addition to this, chanters as well as tech and audio-visual specialists from within the Fijian community will also be engaged to support the implementation of the project. Performers will be encouraged to participate with other family members to encourage a space for intergenerational learning for Fijians in the UK.

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What's the plan for the participants of Meke UK?

The project will include aspects such as a period of online Meke rehearsals, and online information sessions that relate to traditional Fijian cultural practices around Meke. The information sessions will be resourced by subject matter experts.

Additionally, a key part of the project is the Meke Bootcamp, which will include daily in-person rehearsals with the Daunivucu in Wiltshire. Wiltshire has been selected due to the high concentration of Fijians in the county. Meke Bootcamp is aimed to coincide with the summer school break where young people (ages 16+), parents and carers will be available to attend. In addition to the in-person rehearsals with the Daunivucu, the Meke Bootcamp will also involve workshops for performers on preparing traditional costumes and props for Meke.

Through the Meke UK project, participants will be able to engage with oral traditional practices, where the history and story of a community is recorded and performed through Meke. Participants will also be able to engage in the project by the learning and singing of the lyrics. In this way they will be able to interact with culture through the use of the Fijian language. While Meke is the central component of this project, the rituals and practices that are involved outside of the performance itself also offer greater opportunity for participants to engage with aspects of the Fijian culture. These include: learning about the role of the Daunivucu, the different types of Meke that exist, the practice of iSevu ni Meke, the different types of iSulu ni Meke, as well as principles like Solesolevkai and its relation to the Fijian way of life.

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Like what you see? We will let you know when registrations open for Meke UK 2023!

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Meet the Team

Here are the people involved in making this campaign a success!

Meke UK: Meet the Team

Filomena Tuivanualevu

Project Lead & MAUK Trustee

More fondly known as Filo, the lovely lady hails from Bua Lomanikoro village, in the Bua Province. She currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. "My vision for Meke UK is that members of the community take ownership of it and that they participate in any way possible."


Ratu Rusiate Nabunobuno Rokilibau

Daunivucu (Meke UK Choreographer)

Tu Rusi hails from Nadrau, vasu Colo-i-Suva koro, Naitasiri and currently resides in Tidworth. As Daunivucu, his vision is to provide a glimpse into the rich history of our Fijian culture and to bring communities together by providing a platform to showcase their talent.


Sereima Tawake

Working Group & MAUK Committee

Sereima is from Vuniwai, Saqani, Cakaudrove and is now based in Alanbrooke Barracks, Topcliffe. Her vision for Meke UK is to help the younger generation - "third culture children" - to understand what a traditional Fijian Meke is all about.


Luisa Matatolu

Working Group & MAUK Committee

Hailing from Cicia in the beautiful Lau Islands, Lulu as we call her, is now based in the Highlands of Scotland. "My prayer is that Meke UK will be an avenue that we can use to pass on our cultural legacy to the generations to come; and that it also highlights the beauty and richness of the Fijian culture."


Suliana Seutiyasawa Tuiteci

Working Group & MAUK Committee

From Yasawa-i-rara, Yasawa, we have Suli, who is now based in Bulford. Her hopes are to revive the significance and the importance of learning the authentic Fijian meke by understanding its intricacies and the wealth of knowledge it carries. 
"This is a much needed learning experience for us, especially whilst living it a foreign land where cultural practices have been watered down or misunderstood."

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Sereana Naulivou

Working Group

Hailing from Soa, Nakorotubu, Ra, and now based in Stafford, Sereana hopes that we can further educate not only iTaukei children living in the UK but also the wider community about our Fijian culture, through Meke UK.


Kiara Valentine

Working Group & MAUK Social Media

Born and raised in Nadi, Fiji, Kiara now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. Alongside social media, she is passionate about Fiji and her culture. "My hopes are that, while we build community and network here in the UK, we don't forget our roots. One way to do this is to practice our culture through way of Meke."


Toh Beranamo Vuniduvu

Working Group

Toh hails from Nakalou, Macuata and currently resides in the Midlands, Stoke-on-Trent. "I love the idea of this project, to educate our young generation about an essential depiction of Fijian history through meke and how it brings a sense of belonging to Fijian people. I am so excited to help move this forward."


Alumita Koroikata

Working Group

Also known as Mita, the lovely lady hails from Nawaqadamu, Nadi, a proud Koiyata/Koiqwali. She currently based in Hampshire, South West, England. "I can see Meke UK becoming a great platform to educate, preserve, showcase and celebrate our Fijian heritage and culture. It's absolutely exciting!"


Mere Namela-Halofaki

Working Group

Hailing from Tailevu, Mrs. Halofaki now resides in Glasgow, Scotland. She hopes that Meke UK will revive the Meke culture for Fijians in the UK, not only for the purpose of entertainment, but as an element of identity.


Brittney Tofiga Nainoca

Meke UK Advisory

Originally from Laselase, Nadroga, Brittney currently lives in London. "My hope for Meke UK is to bring all Fijian communities together with the aim to embrace diversity within these communities, to cultivate stronger bonds with one another and to learn more about our own cultural heritage and practices."


Sosiceni Vunisina-Tukadra

Meke UK Advisory

A second generation Fijian who is Welsh born and bred, Sosiceni hails from Nailaga, Ba with maternal links to Kadavu. His family are proud pioneers who emigrated to the UK in the early 1960's for greener pastures.


Tiko Seru

Meke UK Advisory

Tiko hails from Naitasiri, Nabaitavo and is currently based in Torpoint, Cornwall. Tiko believes that Meke UK can truly help Fijians to be more confident about their cultural identity.

For further information, contact the anyone within the Working Group or email us on We're looking forward to working with you!

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