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Committee Members

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Sereima Tawake

'I heard about the Fijian Women’s Forum (which was organised by Communities Fiji Britain) via social media. In that first session, I knew right away this is where I need to be, to help and assist in whatever way I can. My dream for MAUK is to help “empower” and “motivate” fellow Fijian women from whatever background to become what they want to be in a demanding work force where gaps in our career, limited skill sets and constant changes in our circumstances, limits our employability. In most instances, most of these factors are beyond our control. But if we do not let it define us, then we eventually create versions of ourselves that are positively in tuned to adapt to any changing circumstance.'


Kiara Valentine

Volunteer work has a big place in my heart and the fact that I get to work alongside my own community here in the UK, makes it even more meaningful for me.

I am MAUK's social wiz and you'll most probably be chatting with me if you engage on any of our social media platforms. I hope to use my skills and knowledge to help Fijian women and families who come from the islands to seamlessly settle and integrate their lives into the UK's society.



Luisa Matatolu

“To be voted in to MAUK as the representative committee member for Scotland in the beginning of 2020 was a great honour for me. I had only been in Scotland for a year and when MAUK was calling out for places to hold their networking events, I suggested Scotland and was delighted when they chose Inverness! We held the first ever MAUK event in Scotland in March about a week before the UK lockdown (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) began. I look forward to helping MAUK amplify its reach not only within our community but also beyond that, to inspire communities that they can do the same or better! I am also excited about working with other key stakeholders to galvanize MAUK’s vision using the platform that it has created’’.


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Sainimili Kata Rockett

'My dream for Marama Alliance UK in the next 10 years to have an organisation that is established and recognised within the community so that it can be a safe place for women to express who they are as Fijian women, however they wish to interpret it. I dream about an organisation that will become a pillar of strength and encouragement for Fijian women, and a platform whereby they are able to voice their hopes and fears, and also a sisterhood where they will find support to nurture their needs.

What we start today will influence the women and children of tomorrow and I believe that this organisation will grow to be a great tool of empowerment for all Fijians, and will be a place where especially women from all different backgrounds can come to unite.'


Filomena Tuivanualevu

My dream for Marama Alliance UK in the next 10 years is to have an efficient and authentic group; whose organisational systems and procedures allow for standards of excellence, and relevance to the beneficiaries of our work.'



Brittney Nainoca

By joining the Marama Alliance UK Board of Trustees, I believe that I can add to this already strong group of women.

I was born in Fiji and eventually moved to London, UK at the age of 7 going onto 8 years old. I have a passion for children, for special needs children and I also have a desire to boost connections with Pacific Islander people, women specifically, nationally & globally. I am 29 years old and I currently work as a Special Needs Tutor specialising in understanding ‘Autism Spectrum Condition’.

I have wonderful memories of Fiji, although few, they are very much cherished. We, alongside my mothers family moved to the UK based on our ancestral links to England, my parents felt it would be a better future for us and my parents knew that God was calling us as a family here.

Being Fijian is something that resonates with the core of who I am and I feel proud to be a Fijian, I want to try hard to maintain a connection to my roots so any extra engagement that may strengthen my link to home, I don’t hesitate from doing wholeheartedly.

Lita Volavola

By joining the Alliance’s Board of Trustees, I would like to reach out to those unreachable ladies who believe they’re not good enough to be here or belong here.

I live in London with my family. Even though I come from a family of highly educated people, I am not as educated.

I currently work as the Dames Assistant at one of the boarding houses in Eton College after a year and a half in their catering department. I was a housewife for many years, and I don’t have a white-collar job or ever had one. I would like everyone to feel like they belong in this community and to know their worth. I intend to use this platform to make those connections.

I am passionate about the outdoors, and I am a qualified guide and experienced hiker. If I am not busy, you will find me in my hiking boots on a trail up a mountain or a forest near me. 


Miriama Suraki

Bula si’a,
In taking on a trustee role, I hope to help towards building a community of Fijian women who can navigate life in a foreign home while retaining the beauty of our culture. And in doing so, these women will influence the next generation to comfortably straddle both spaces without feeling alien in either, nor foregoing one identity for another.
I believe that we have capacity in our diverse UK Fijian community to achieve this. There are women in our community who can mobilise the rest of our sisters, others with wealth of information to disseminate and advocate for issues that affect us while there are those who are passionate to conserve positive aspects of our Fijian identity.
It is my hope that with the projects run by the Alliance and with adequate support systems in place we can tap and build on this potential. It will take a lot of aunties, sisters, mothers, and wives working towards a common goal to build this community but I know it can be done!

Lisa Lagilagi

As a Trustee, I aim to support the Alliance’s agenda and would like to see positive end results especially in my areas of interest, the empowerment of women and children and also mental health awareness within the community.

I am married to a serving soldier. I have been a service dependant spouse for eleven years. During these eleven years I have been a full time Mum for six and have been a Civil Servant going on to five years now.

I work in Project Management, managing the review of extant locally applied Statutory Instruments.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family.

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