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Fiji Day 2019

In support of Fiji Support Network working with the Fijian Community in Stoke, MAUK attended their first Fiji Day celebrations in Ternhill. During the day, we set up a stall where we provided information about MAUK, a Kids Kona with children's activities and displayed the hampers up for grabs in our raffle.

Kids Kona

The Kids Kona was a huge success with a lot of children dropping by to do the provided activities.

MAUK Hampers

With thanks to our lovely Ima, we were able to display the beautiful hampers that will be won through our raffle ticket sales.  Having them on display meant that we were able sell more raffle tickets, however, as we did not have all tickets available on the day, we could not draw the raffle so this will happen at our Networking Event in Catterick. 

Watch this space for the winners, and if you haven't got a ticket yet, there's still time! Just contact us on social media or via email.

Cultural Show

The cultural show was no easy feat but we would like to extend our deepest thanks to the models and those who provided the costumes. Although we had hoped to showcase the cultural attire of all Fijian provinces, we were only able to display three; Bua, Nadroga and Rotuma. The show was well received by all present, especially the non Fijian's as it was educational for them.

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