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Catterick Networking Event

On the 9th of November 2019, MAUK held their second networking event at St Aidans Hall, Catterick and it attracted 32 women from the local area.

Although we had hoped to conduct a walk in the morning, this unfortunately needed to be cancelled due to opening times at Fox covert, that would conflict with the starting time of the event. (Don't worry ladies - we will have plenty more opportunities!)

The event started with a short introduction by the MAUK team on what Marama Alliance UK was all about and what the team has achieved since it’s inception in July 2019.

Shortly after which, committee member Filo delivered a humorous ice breaker to the group. It was especially encouraging to see the ladies enjoying  themselves, ,laughing out loud and having fun.

The “tree of life” activity and “spoken word” session by Ima trailed straight after. The ideas that the ladies came up with, to name the trees and what it meant for them was awe inspiring, as all of us can draw life lessons from the characteristics of these trees.

After lunch Rusila and Sarah Stone delivered on the concept of co-working hub that was well received by participants and raised a lot of interesting questions and answers.

The next session was on self-care by Leisel Hamnett, a physiotherapist by profession, and  she shared about how most of the illnesses we face in life stem from issues within us that we tend not to address.

After a short break, we introduced the pinnacle part of the event, the “Talanoa Session". Sue, Suli and Raijeli braved the round table talks by sharing their life experiences and how they dealt with it. It was an emotional session and most of the ladies could not contain their tears as they listened to the brave stories of resilience.

The day then finished with the drawing of the raffle, the acknowledgement of fellow ladies who are making a difference in our community through their networks such as FSN and CFB and reminding the ladies again of who we are and what we are capable of as a group of “acca-mazing" women.

Catterick Group Image.jpg

Catterick Group Image.jpg

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