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Intergenerational Dialogues on Cultural Resilience

A MAUK Series

The purpose of this series is to create a dialogue between different generations of Fijians who are living or who have lived in the UK about our culture and what cultural resilience means to them as individuals. It is becoming more and more evident that an individuals understanding of their culture and cultural identity differs depending on their own experiences.

Through this series, MAUK is hoping to create conversations that may not have taken place within a 'regular' family, communal or social setting. We have chosen to speak to age group separately so that they have an opportunity to speak about their experiences before interacting with another generation.

A few questions that we asked our panellists were:

  • Can you briefly share with us your experience of growing up in the UK as a Fijian, and whether/how you have held onto your cultural identity.

  • What experience have you had with the generations before in terms of helping with cultural resilience?

  • How do you think intergenerational dialogues on this topic can be improved?

It is our hope that we are able to create a safe space whereby guests are able to share their thoughts and experiences whilst feeling respected and uplifted by everyone in the community.

Intergenerational Dialogues on Cultural Resilience: Text
Intergenerational Dialogues on Cultural Resilience: Video
Intergenerational Dialogues on Cultural Resilience: Video
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